Love is an extraordinary feeling, so it’s understandable that we spend a great deal of our lives hoping, searching and wishing for it. An unbreakable bond between two people is so special that those of us who have yet to experience it feel left out, alone and often times bitter. Although love will eventually find its way to us in the form of the incredible person we have always hoped for, some of us aren’t patient enough to wait for that. We want to experience the unique and exhilarating highs of love NOW. That is why the impatient hopeless romantics find hope in all of the magic and superstitions that claim to bring them closer to the love they have always desired. That being said, there are some pretty wild superstitions out there so depending on which ones you believe in and how strongly you believe in them, you might be deemed as a little crazy.  At the end of the day, we all know that finding love is much easier when you aren’t looking for it and much more magical when you aren’t forcing the magic to happen.

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1.  Looking for Love According to the Moon

Apparently, the seventh day after a full moon is the best time for two people to fall in love at first sight.  Well in that case.. I’ll be sure to mark my calendar and hope the first guy I see is the one I’ve been crushing on for over two years.

2. Going to a Psychic

Psychics have been around for centuries and no one really knows how authentic they are, however there are are psychics who are only telling you what they think you want to hear. Therefore, you may want to take their love advice with a grain of sand.

3. Breaking a Wishbone

The belief in wishbones goes a long way back. According to some superstitions, wishbones not only offer wishes, but can also implicate when you will get married. One superstition says that two women can break a wishbone to find out how soon they will marry. The one who gets the shortest piece will marry sooner than the one who gets the longest. This goes along with the rhyme: “Shortest to marry, Longest to tarry.”  Sounds like a fun dinner activity among the women at your Thanksgiving dinner table.  Just don’t sob if you don’t get the short end!

4. Apple Stem Twist

The apple stem twist is an ancient love game that involves twisting the stem of an apple while saying the names of prospective lovers.  It is said that the name you say when the stem comes off is the person you are destined to be with. Apparently apples are quite the magical fruit, considering there are many love superstitions out there that are linked back to apples.

5. Wishing Every Night at 11:11

It isn’t exactly clear why or how 11:11 came to be considered a magical time, but that doesn’t stop many people from ritually wishing for anything their heart desires (including true love) when the clock strikes 11:11. I’m sure you have been one of those people (at least at one point) who tested the theory when you happened to notice the time. However, if you’re setting a reminder everyday (possibly 2x a day) in order to make that wish.. chances are you should probably find better ways to spend your time.

6. Tossing a Coin Into a Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is one of the most popular wishing fountains and it resides in Rome. It is said that just throwing a coin in will gurantee you a trip back to Rome while two coins means you’ll return and fall in love, and lucky number three means you’ll return, fall in love & marry.  While it may feel magical making a wish on a coin & throwing it into a gorgeous fountain, it’s likely just a ploy to empty your pockets. Considering The Trevi Fountain collects $600,000 a year from dreamers and hopeless romantics.

7. Forwarding Love Chain Letters

You forward every single one of those text/email messages that threaten a curse on your love life, just to be safe. I know a cursed love life is frightening, but so are the many other threats those forwards claim. I assure you that I haven’t forwarded any of those messages and a living doll has never tried to kill me in my sleep nor have I had a creepy ghost girl come in my room at night looking to kill me. Well, at least not yet…

8. Using Wedding Cake to Predict Your Own Wedding

Putting wedding cake under your pillow will cause you to dream of your future husband, thus bringing you closer to mariage. At least that’s what a 17th century English tradition says. I get it, your biological clock is ticking… but chances are this will only leave your bed crummy and unappealing to a potential lover.

9. Reading Your Horoscope to Know Your Love Destiny

Sure astrology is fascinating, but it isn’t really wise to put all your hope and faith into a strategically written message. That’s like getting a fortune cookie from a cheap china buffet and believing it word for word despite the fact that your fortune is full of typos.

10. Wishing on a Falling Eyelash

A fallen eyelash is basically your body’s wish granting factory. I think this must be a playground superstition that we heard about as children because no one seems to be certain of it’s origin, just that eyelashes are magical. It is said that if an eyelash falls out, you should put it on the back of one of your hands, make a wish and throw it over your shoulder. If it flies off the hand, your wish will be granted. Who knew an eyelash falling out had some sort of huge significance? Here I thought it was just because I was using harsh mascara.

11. Kissing When the Clock Strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve

Okay, I admit it…it would be nice to have a celebratory New Year Kiss. However, some people actually believe that their quality of their current or future love life depends on receiving a New Year’s Kiss.

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