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After being dragged by Chris Brown on Instagram Monday, Adrienne Bailon used the same medium to respond indirectly to the singer’s expletive-filled rant in which Breezy claimed she dissed his girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

But first…Brown updated his original tirade in a new post explaining what really set him off.

“Yesterday’s roast was amusing to some and disrespectful to others,” the 25-year-old wrote. “All in all the whole s— was childish. I could’ve have been politically correct and went about the situation more civilized but I’m not fake nor do I need to ever comment on anyone’s life. I felt the need to say what I felt. It seems everyone can always have an opinion on ‘CHRIS BROWN’ and chime in whenever they want. The show was depicting relationships. They gave their views on my relationship by bashing my significant other for being with me publicly on national television. There are too many Pots calling the kettle black.”

Bailon, 31, addressed the incident by responding to a follower (via The Shade Room).

“Who said anything bad about her?” wrote Bailon about Tran. “I actually know her… We’re cool. The conversation was generally speaking of anyone who may ‘possibly’ be in a bad relationship. Please don’t start drama that doesn’t EXIST. If she’s happy… so am I.”

(Bailon first speculated whether Tran was surrounded by quality friends who could express concern about her on-again, off-again relationship with Brown on Monday’s episode of The Real.)

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