truth about divorce

There’s a lot of misinformation about divorce, and Dr. Romance would like to clear up some of the confusion. Here are 11 things people will not tell you about divorce.

  1. Divorce will not make you happier, unless you’re leaving an abusive relationship.
  2. Divorce sometimes seems easier than fixing your marriage, but it’s usually not.
  3. Many divorced couples get back together later.
  4. If you don’t have children, and feel OK about how you’ve divided the assets, you may not need to file. Leave it up to your spouse to pay the fees.
  5. Sometimes filing for divorce is what it will take to get him to talk to you about what’s wrong.
  6. Even if you’re eager to get the divorce, you’ll still have a lot of grief.
  7. If he is adamant about wanting a divorce, he probably has someone else already.
  8. If money is important to him, protect yourself—he may try to leave you with nothing.
  9. Even though you’ll have to go through grief, you can survive divorce.
  10. You’ll find out who your friends are – they usually choose one partner to stay friends with.
  11. You’ll have to rebuild your life after divorce, so begin before you divorce — you may find you can improve your satisfaction with your marriage.

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