Phaedra’s Moving On Without Apollo

Apollo Nida may be behind bars but that isn’t stopping him from speaking out about his struggling marriage to Phaedra’s and her plan to divorce him.

“I will not walk away empty handed, considering all that I’ve put into the marriage over the five years,” said Apollo. “That is completely fair, I think. It wouldn’t be right for her to just take everything and leave me with nothing to come home to.”

He added, “I can’t see why she would continue to hurt me by not allowing me to see my boys […] This isn’t right. If I don’t see my children for eight years, that would be some [expletive], and I would fight for that right! Who in their right mind would allow children to be away from their father for eight years, regardless of where the father is at in the world?”

While Apollo is currently reflecting on his life of crime behind bars, his estranged wife has moved on with life like he never existed. The “RHOA” star posted her annual Christmas card…minus Apollo.

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