The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s whirlwind three-day New York City trip will certainly be a memorable one. First the Duchess Kate Middleton (pictured) had to endure the sweaty underarm pit of B-ball great, LeBron James when he wrapped his arm around her shoulder for a photo-op.  Then, Her Royal Highness was snapped looking perturbed and giving the old side-eye when she was ordered to keep wrapping Christmas gifts by an anonymous passerby while visiting Harlem’s Northside Center for Child Development, according to the Daily Mail.

Middleton was helping to wrap Christmas gifts as part of the Center’s charity drive during this time of year for underprivileged children.  Middleton reportedly seemed to be enjoying the experience, as she chatted with many of the grandmothers in attendance who had donated their time to the effort.

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As Middleton was wrapping a gift, someone from behind, an elderly well-wisher encouraged her to keep the wrapping momentum going.  Suddenly, Middleton’s facial expression changes to displeasure, then she adds a bit of the old side-eye.  If there was a thought bubble over her head, the caption would probably read…“Who is THIS chick talking to???”

The Duchess is apparently not used to taking orders from mere commoners!

Anywho, watch the funny occurrence here.

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