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In the wake of the controversial news surrounding the tragic deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Nas spoke with TIME about how crucial it is to understand history.

“You may have read about the Civil Rights [movement], but you didn’t live it,” he said in the interview. “You may have read about lynchings in Mississippi and Alabama, but you didn’t live through it. It was before this generation’s time. Before my time. Now you get to see it. Something that’s always been going on. Something that’s been going on entirely too long. It’s not cool to look like Apartheid South Africa.”


The rapper, who released “The World Is Yours” 20 years ago on his critically acclaimed debut album Illmatic, said the message is still a powerful one that he hopes to deliver to Black children everywhere.

“It’s important that every time I see a Black child, I look him or her in the eyes and I say, ‘This is your world. You’re a king. You’re a queen,’” Nas explained.

The video shows a heartwarming and impactful example.  Check the full video below for Nas’ message.

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