Rapper Nas said if he ruled the world he would open every cell in Attica send em to Africa, but his home was burglarized this past weekend so he probably wants to open up a cell in Attica and shove whoever jacked a lot of his stuff in it. According to a report two men […]

Nasir Jones the rapper better known as ‘Nas’ may not have historically been a favorite of the Recording Academy, but the proof is in the pudding and there is no denying that although Nas was nominated for two Grammy’s Sunday night, for his album King’s Disease, that won ‘Best Rap Album’ in 2021, King’s Disease II was […]

It’s not the first time we have heard of celebrities getting sued for posting pictures of themselves, but uncle Snoop is calling BS on the photographer that is suing legendary rapper Nas for posting a picture that was taken back in 1993 of himself and the late great Tupac Shakur.  The photographers problem with Nas […]

The ‘Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ was a masterpiece of a debut album that earned Lauryn Hill the utopia of Grammy Awards ‘Album of the Year’ in 1999, Lauryn Hill slaughtered the Grammy’s that year, but ‘If I Ruled The World’ in 1996 I imagine that, that nomination would have been an award and the debut […]

In 1994 Nasir Jones gifted the world with one of the greatest Hip Hop albums to ever grace this earth ‘Illmatic’, part of, the rapper we have come to adore as the rapper known as’Nas’, greatness comes from his smooth prolific lyrical paint brush that paints the worlds reality of then which happens to still […]

If you don’t want to have a record with the DJ/Record Producer screaming his name all up in through the beginning of your record, hollering, DJ KHALED (sounds like he is saying Cali), then you don’t want a banger because contrary to popular belief DJ Khaled is the beginning and the end of the party.  […]

The alpha and the omega, Ruff Ryders. As Earl Simmons the rapper known to world as DMX was laid to rest this weekend the original Ruff Ryders mounted up to say goodbye to the man that was more than just a rapper to them but more a brother. Rappers Nas, Eve, Drag-on, Jadakiss, Styles P and Swizz Beatz […]

Part of the problem with ‘our’ community is the stigma embedded in some to have a ‘crabs in a barrel’ mentality, meaning if you ever see a barrel full of crabs they are constantly trying to pull each other down while trying to escape the barrel, instead of stacking on top of each other and […]

This is one for Reality Hour.  There is always talk about child support and when there is a divorce or separation of couples I will say 8 times out of 10 custody of the mother of the child is often given physical custody, meaning the child’s main home is with the mother.  It is typically […]

The R Kelly documentaries are really stirring up the past for many in the hip hop world, however, this story is a little more worrisome then others. Check it out. Via | HipHopDX An interview Nas did with Wendy Williams in 2002 has resurfaced in the wake of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly six-part docu-series. The interview was conducted shortly after the […]

The legendary Queens rapper was found unconscious on Tuesday morning.   According to multiple sources, Queensbridge rap legend, Albert “Prodigy” Johnson has died. He was 42 years old. His publicist confirmed the news to TMZ stating the rapper had been hospitalized “a few days ago in Vegas after a Mobb Deep performance for complications caused by a sickle […]

This is definitely sad news for fans of such a groundbreaking show.   The television world is still deciding on renewals and cancellations for the upcoming 2017-2018 TV season and with that comes a lot of shows that will unfortunately get the ax. The latest causality is the critically-acclaimed musical drama series The Get Down, […]