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Shaneka Thompson, a woman who was shot by her late ex-boyfriend Ismaaiyl Brinsley was released from the University of Maryland Medical Center today. Thompson is the only surviving victim of Brinsley’s nefarious shooting spree that took place on December 20. That day he traveled from Baltimore to Brooklyn, killed two NYPD police officers and later committed suicide. Thompson was shot in her abdomen by Brinsley in her apartment in Owings Mills, following a violent argument with him around 5:45 the morning before he headed to Brooklyn.

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Her mother shared to local news sources Thompson called during the middle of the fight and was angry about him being thereThe line then dropped and after Brinsley shot her and left her for dead, neighbors could hear Thompson screaming for help, including Yevette Seay. While Seay admits that she was scared about the situation, she called 911 upon seeing Thompson hurt through the peep hole and her saying ,”I can’t die like this.”

Thompson’s injuries were almost unknown to the public once Brinsley had murdered officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, but as a possible informant for the motives behind the killings, New York detectives interviewed Thompson.

Her profile remains low in the media, but we knows that she is an Air Force Reserve member and was a medical administrator, per The Baltimore Sun. Her grandfather, James Delly, has spoken on her behalf, in telling Baltimore Sun Thompson was “doing fine.”

We’re so glad there’s some good news in this tragic story.


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