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We can’t even contain our excitement about this! The mega-talent duo of filmmaker Ava DuVernay and actor David Oyelowo are heading towards their third collaboration (following Middle Of Nowhere and Selma) with the announcement of a Hurricane Katrina-based love story and murder mystery coming soon!

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DuVernay (the director and co-writer of Selma) was highly acclaimed for her gentile, yet honest re-telling of the historic march from Selma and Montgomery as well as her ability to make Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. into a man and not just a myth. Even her visionary intuitions were extraordinary (We want to tell which scenes in particular, but have you seen it? Please do if you’re stalling!)

Hurricane Katrina was such an emotive period in recent Black and American history and on film, this story as a backdrop of a love story will be best held in DuVernay’s able hands. She plans to write, produce and direct the movie and Oyelowo will likely star as the male lead and sign on as a co-producer. Yasss!

“I’m thrilled to reunite with my Participant family on this project and fortunate to work again with the always exquisite David Oyelowo. The story we’re interested in will explore the complexities of intimate relationships within times of chaos, while also examining the chaos itself. I’m looking forward to the journey,” DuVernay said.

Participant Media will be backing the production as they did for her indie Middle Of Nowhere, and executive producers will be Jonathan King and Jeff Skoll. King also expressed his enthusiasm similar to our above sentiment, “Hurricane Katrina is one of the most important social and environmental stories of our time. Ava DuVernay has shown herself to be highly skilled at bringing intimacy and contemporary urgency to epic events. We have been looking for the right way to get back in business with Ava, and with David Oyelowo, and are proud to re-team with them on her original idea, which we believe will be a powerful film.” And Participant has also worked with Oyelowo before, their 5th film together being last year’s release A Most Violent Year.

We wish we had more information about this upcoming film, but you know we’ll pick you updated every step of the way! DuVernay and Oyelowo make such a great team. They’re on their way to being the Martin Scorcese-Leonardo DiCaprio of Black stories on films, and they’re fully capable of holding their own on Hollywood’s massive stage!

Beauties, how pumped are you about this!?


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Article and Picture Courtesy of Hello Beautiful

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