Dear Tom,

I am proudly nominating my future daughter-in-law, Korrye Richardson for the Christmas Wish.   She is a young elementary school teacher, who tutors students in the evening and is faithful to her commitments.   This summer, she will marry my oldest son after they have been dating off and on for 8 years, after meeting in college.  I couldn’t be happier.

My son has two sons of his own, now 11 and 3.  Last year, he got custody of his oldest child and Korrye immediately began caring for him as her own.   She helps him with his studies and provides him with guidance in many ways.  She has him involved in boy scouts and often takes him to troop meetings and community service activities.

A few weeks ago, my son accepted a new position in Pennsylvania and had to move immediately to start the job and get a place for his family.  After they are married on July 10th, Korrye will relocate there with my grandson.

Tom, Korrye has worked to put together her wedding as frugally as she can on her own, but on a teacher’s salary it has been difficult.   I would like to bless her with a Christmas wish for joining our family at last, by asking for furniture and items for the new home she will share with my son and grandchild.     This will make me a happy mother, grandmother and mother-in-law to be.


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