MTV is airing a controversial documentary about white privilege, hosted by Jose Antonio Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist from the Philippines.

The idea behind the documentary is solid, with executives saying they intend to use it to look at an aspect of race that is not usually addressed. But the clips released to YouTube promoting the show are filled with awkward and tearful interviews with young white people, and that has a lot of people criticizing MTV for seemingly “publicly shaming” these kids.

The kids being interviewed seem extremely reluctant to talk about race, with one interviewee admitting that it was scary to talk about it because “If you say the wrong thing then suddenly you are a racist.”

In addition, the promotional videos also show Vargas interviewing minority teens about their views on white people.



Article Courtesy of The Grio

Video Courtesy of MTV, YouTube, and The Grio

Picture Courtesy of MTV and The Grio

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