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Janay Rice has some choice words in response to the allegations that her husband, NFL star Ray Rice, is a “wife beater.”

In an inteview with ESPN’s Jemele Hill during an appearance on “Outside of the Lines,” she clapped back at haters, saying, “I get angry about it because it’s the furthest things from the truth.”

From Madame Noire:

Rice went on to say that prior to the February 2014 incident, the ex-Baltimore Raven had never put his hands on her.

“It has never happened before, and that’s not him. He’s been made out to be this monster, and he’s not a wife beater. He’s someone who made a mistake. He’s human.”

While she insists that she is not trying to downplay her husband’s actions, she expressed confidence in his rehabilitation.

“I’m not taking the light off of anything that he did. He’s human, and he has done everything he’s supposed to do to redeem himself. So it kind of makes me quite mad.”

Watch the segment, above.


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