CLEVELAND – Thirteen Cleveland police officers who fired a total of 137 shots during a high-speed car chase ending in the deaths of two unarmed black people could lose their jobs.

The City of Cleveland announced Thursday that Michael McGrath, the Director of Public Safety, found cause to bring about administrative charges against each of the officers.

Disciplinary hearings are scheduled for early September.

The discipline could range from a 10-day suspension to termination.

According to the charging letters released Thursday, all officers fired their guns in a way that was in violation of the procedures of the Cleveland Division of Police and the Department of Public Safety.

Ten of the officers are accused of contributing to a crossfire scenario, 10 officers engaged in a pursuit without permission from a supervisor, four operated zone cars at excessive speeds considering the conditions, 10 left the city boundary without permission and nine failed to notify communications of participation in the chase, according to the documents.


To on what will happen to EACH of the officers, click here:

Article and Picture Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5 Cleveland

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