For many Black people raised in the Southern parts of America, referring to women as “ma’am” was a common courtesy. A lot of us, when we responded with a simple “yes” were reprimanded with a stern look and a “say yes ma’am.” But for one North Carolina Prep school student, his pleasantries landed him in […]

Don’t look now, but we may finally be close to a resolution to the seemingly endless DeflateGate saga that has dominated NFL headlines for much of the past eight months. After Tom Brady and Roger Goodell failed to reach a settlement in federal court, Judge Richard M. Berman wrapped up the proceedings by nullifying Brady’s four-game suspension. The NFL will […]

CLEVELAND – Thirteen Cleveland police officers who fired a total of 137 shots during a high-speed car chase ending in the deaths of two unarmed black people could lose their jobs. The City of Cleveland announced Thursday that Michael McGrath, the Director of Public Safety, found cause to bring about administrative charges against each of the […]

A new study released by Stanford University has revealed that teachers of all races are more harsh on black children due to overbearing stereotypes. According to Huffington Post, the study performed by 57 female teachers showed the educators kept the standards of proper behavior and responsibility first when it came to misbehaving children. In the […]

Before Tom Brady’s surprising “deflategate” suspension announced this week, the National Football League has suspended other players for behaving badly on and off the field. On Monday, the National Football League suspended the New England Patriots quarterback for four games without pay after finding that the team used deflated footballs to gain an advantage in the […]

  As I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline recently, I stumbled across an interesting post made by a Kentucky father by the name of Kevin Jones. Apparently, Kevin discovered that his 10-year-old daughter had been lying about her age,  carrying on a relationship with a secret boyfriend and creating secret social media accounts. As […]

Jeremy C. Julien, 24,  of Greta, Louisiana, pleaded guilty to manslaughter on Wednesday in the December 7, 2011 killing of 16-year-old Michael Taylor, reports RELATED: Study: Spanking Favored In African-American Households As previously reported by NewsOne, Taylor gained notoriety when a video of him being beaten by his uncle went viral in January of 2011. “It […]

  The viral video has divided internet users all over the world, with the majority sticking up for the mother, who says the actions are all part of showing tough love.   MIWAUKEE, WI (CNN) – A Milwaukee mom was furious by her 12-year-old daughter’s Facebook page.  She publicly shamed her daughter in an online […]

  CLEVELAND – Eight Cleveland firefighters were suspended – including onewho was also demoted – after they were found guilty in administrative hearings of urinating on their former fire chief’s photo in a bathroom urinal, the department said today. On Aug. 16, 2013, several firefighters were out celebrating their training academy graduation at two bars […]

A Duluth High School senior has been suspended for one year and won’t graduate on time for hugging a teacher last month. Sam McNair, 17, was suspended last week when a school hearing officer found he violated the Gwinnett County Public Schools’ rules on sexual harassment. “Something so innocent can be perceived as something totally […]

Myasia (pictured), a 13-year-old girl, was ordered by her aunt and guardian to stand outside in the Akron, Ohio, bitter cold and hold a sign that criticized the fact that she failed to walk away from a school fight that ended in a three-day suspension, reports WKYC. SEE ALSO: White Girlfriend Enters Black Barbershop, This […]

Rolling Stone,hit by a storm of criticism and boycotts over its cover treatment and glam photo of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, defended itself Wednesday,…