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For many Black people raised in the Southern parts of America, referring to women as “ma’am” was a common courtesy. A lot of us, when we responded with a simple “yes” were reprimanded with a stern look and a “say yes ma’am.” But for one North Carolina Prep school student, his pleasantries landed him in trouble.

10-year-old Tamarion had to be moved to a different classroom after he was punished for continually called his teacher “ma’am.”

The young student had to write “ma’am” four times per line on a piece of paper and was required to have the punishment signed by his parents.

“He had a look on his face of disappointment, shame,” his father, McArthur Bryant told ABC-13. “At the end of the day as a father, to feel kind of responsible for that…knowing that I have been raising him and doing the best that I can, it’s not acceptable.”

His mother, Teretha Wilson, explained her son had been recently hospitalized for seizure-related medical issues  and suffered from memory loss and hallucinations. Wilson also said Tamarion accused his teacher of threatening him, revealing his teacher allegedly told him in anger, “if she had something, she would have thrown it at him.”

“It wasn’t right,” Wilson told to ABC-13. “It wasn’t professional. As a teacher, it wasn’t appropriate.”

Tamarion’s father has a warning for other parents saying, “If it happened to my son, I’m pretty sure if not a week, a day, a month, a year, it will occur to somebody else’s child,” he said.





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