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Yesterday, Charlie Sheen vowed he would stop paying off the women who have been keeping his HIV status secret over the last four years, but it might not be that easy.

The lawyers of the women who Sheen has been paying to keep quiet spoke with TMZ and said these installments weren’t a shakedown, rather very much legal and set up structured payments. Lawyers say their clients didn’t know they were having sex (sometimes unprotected) with someone with HIV. TMZ reports:

The lawyers for the sex partners tell us, if Charlie stops paying they will go after him with a vengeance. What’s more, we’re told under the settlements, if Charlie misses an installment the entire sum becomes due immediately.

According to reports, several women have come forward to contradict Charlie’s statements made during his tell-all interview with The TODAY Show, including a madam who claims Charlie spent over $1.6 million in escorts and even paid extra for unprotected sex.

Anna Gristina, who was found guilty in 2012 of running a brothel, told Page Six that Charlie could have infected dozens of girls.

“The porn girls he liked would agree to go bareback [without protection] because he gave them an extra $5,000, $10,000. And some of them would agree because they were hoping they would get pregnant,’’ Gristina said. “He would give girls incentives not to use protection, and the girls would try to please him because they wanted to come back.’’

Gristina also talked about Charlie’s sexual habits and how she billed him up to $100,000 a night.

Meanwhile, Charlie’s ex Bree Olson went on Inside Edition and claimed Sheen never told her he was HIV positive.

“He is a monster, and he put my life in jeopardy along with hundreds — or potentially thousands — of other women’s lives,” she said.

Now, a rep for the former Two & A Half Men actor says Charlie didn’t lie to Bree at all.

Sheen’s manager, Mark Burg, tells Us Weekly that “the truth is she wasn’t in Charlie’s life when he was HIV-positive and so there was no reason to tell her anything.”

The saga continues.

SOURCE: Us Weekly, Page Six, TMZ | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 

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