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Adele is burning up the charts with her smash hit “Hello.”  It’s gotten so big that even fans are finding new and creative ways to learn the song.

Recently, rising musician Katlin Hill was given the difficult task by her father Felix to learn how to sing “Hello” in Spanish and backwards.  He would award her $20 if she succeeds.  Not only did she learn the song – Katlin says it only took her 12 minutes to learn! – along with performing in both English and Spanish, but also mastered the keyboard backwards in front of her!

Felix recorded the finished results on his phone.  The video has now been shared over three million times off of Felix’s Facebook page.  She recently appeared on the syndicated news show “Right This Minute,” and talked with the hosts about her newfound fame and how she mastered “Hello” successfully!

Below is the original video (off of YouTube):


Article Courtesy of 93.1 WZAK-FM Cleveland

Picture Courtesy of Getty Images

First Video Courtesy of Right This Minute

Second Video Courtesy of Team Katlin Promotions and YouTube

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