divaslimsdown #WeSeeYou: DivaSlimsDown Inspires A Generation With Her Weight Loss

#WeSeeYou is’s new weekly series highlighting those unsung heroes of health who are doing something incredible that needs to be shown to the world.

When asked who their favorite non-celebrity weight loss personality or story is, nine times out of ten, our audience will say Ruth, aka DivaSlimsDown.  Mostly via YouTube, she has continuously and unashamedly reported on her weight loss journey from day one.  And she’s done it all without an unbiased view.  She shares her ups and downs. Here successes and failures and motivates people all across the world to do three things: Never Give Up!

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“I have been overweight my entire life,” explains Diva. “In 2011 I stepped on the scale and saw i was over 340 pounds! I knew if I didn’t do something about my weight, I will suffer from more healthy problems or possibly die. It was my first time losing weight and I had no Idea where to start. I made google my best friend and researched for months on how to lose weight. Afraid I will quit, I decided to document my entire journey on youtube for accountability. To my surprise, I was able to lose 150 pounds the first year by counting my calories and exercising. I have now lost over 180 pounds and have been maintaining my weight loss.”

Divaslimsdown-ruthSome of the specific ways she was able to lose was changing not only what she ate, but what she drank.

“I drink tons of water. I do not drink any sodas anymore,” she explains. “I eat similar things as before but less of it. I also find healthier ways to make the foods I like. I don’t eat frozen dinners like lean cuisine etc. They have too much sodium. I make sure I’m eating throughout the entire day 5-6 small meals. For example for breakfast I will have eggs and turkey bacon. Next I will have a snack, which can be any fruit of my choice. Then for lunch I will have a chicken salad. I will have another snack of fruit and a 100-calorie pack snack. For dinner I will have chicken breast with vegetables. Then have…

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