A same-sex couple less than a month away from getting married received an act of hate in the mail that seemingly came out of nowhere.

The Canton couple sent out wedding invitations for family and people they thought were friends.

But an RSVP they got back was a horrible lesson in hate.

Keith and Chad of Canton were counting down the days until their wedding — just 30 days to go — when they got a letter in the mail.

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“So I opened it up, I saw it, I read it and I was like it’s almost got to be a joke, it doesn’t seem real,” Keith said.

“You have sent an invitation to the wrong people,” the letter reads.

“It’s not normal for 2 men to marry. What is wrong with you, it’s a sin!!!!”

The letter was typed and unsigned. The envelope had no return address on it.

Click on the photo to read the full letter.

The sender said invitations were forwarded to an anti-gay group which would protest at their wedding.

“I guess we thought we knew the people that were coming and we didn’t know that well,” Keith said.


Article and First and Second Pictures Courtesy of WOIO Cleveland 19 News

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