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People against miscegenation are currently losing what’s left of their minds after Old Navy did the unthinkable and tweeted an advertisement that depicted an interracial family. Apparently, an ad featuring a white man with his black girlfriend/wife and their son is all part of a greater conspiracy to take down the white race. White genocide, really.

“That’s horrible! What’s wrong with you? Boycotting Old Navy. Not that I wore that crap before,” was one of the responses Old Navy received after they ran their controversial ad on Twitter Friday. The furious Old Navy non-customer said he was boycotting because “your clothes are crap quality and now you’re promoting miscegenation. Disgusting.”

Seriously, somebody tweeted that Old Navy hates white babies for running an ad that features an interracial couple.


While Old Navy received their fair share of hate, others applauded the company for promoting diversity.


What do you think of the Old Navy ad?



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