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One African American woman is beyond livid, and after hearing this story, we should be too.

Victoria’s Secret, the largest American retailer of women’s lingerie, obviously doesn’t want money if it comes from folks like us. A store manager named “Faith,” who works for the brand that reportedly brought in over $6 Billion dollars in 2012, caught one Black woman shoplifting and made it her business to have ALL of the Black women in the store removed.

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As in, get the phuck out, removed.

Mediatakeout shared video of Kimberly Houzah, who went Facebook Live! with her emotional response (scroll down) to what was happening in the Oxford Mall store. On her shortly over 10-minutes video, we hear commotion in the background as the woman recording the incident explains to us what is happening.

“There was another Black woman in the store who got caught stealing. So, she asks me and another Black woman to leave because, she can’t tell us why, but we’re kicked out of the store. Because she still can’t tell me why. I say, I can buy anything in this damn store if I want to. But because another Black woman gets caught stealing here. Me and the other Black woman have to be affiliated.  So I’m telling y’all, don’t nobody go, don’t come down here to Victoria’s Secret in the Oxford Mall.”

The Oxford Mall is in Alabama.

Houzah, who mentioned she is so angry she could cry, eventually breaks down. She says “Faith” never checked her bag and never accused her or the other woman of anything; but still asked them to leave.

Houzah does leave because, as she says, “I’ve got stuff to do. I’ve got a career,” but then she dissolves into tears saying she never believed something like this would happen to her.

The video has been viewed more than 92K times, and shared 197, 717 times as of this writing.

You would think these racists would learn to keep their feelings to themselves in the workplace. But as Forrest Gump would say, “Stupid is as stupid does.” They still haven’t figured out that the Almighty dollar will always outweigh their feelings in this United States of America. And if it even appears that the greenery is in threat of being interrupted well…

It didn’t take long for Victoria’s Secret corporate to respond in a statement on their Facebook Page.

But not before they gave “Faith” a hefty kick to the curb.



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