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I typically par take in sipping tea opposed to serving it, however singer Ginuwine posted an interesting video and photo on social media that grabbed many peoples attention.

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But first lets go back a couple weeks ago we wrote a blog story that Sole’ and Ginuwine, whom had been married since 2003, were divorced and she is now with someone else. The someone else just happened to be Sole’s best friend of 15 years. It was an awesome love story of finding your king in the midst of everything.

2012 BET Awards - Roaming Inside And BackstageNow fast forward back to now. Singer Elgin “Ginuwine” Lumpkin, it appears wanted to profess/show appreciation to his bestie of 20 years Claudia Jordan.  In a video posted to his Instagram, Ginuwine is seen hugging as well as kissing on the neck of Claudia Jordan while she says something about the blogs talking.  Ummm isn’t that interesting  (see video below)

Friends for life @claudiajordan , blogs so what , that can’t interrupt 20years queen Lololol that’s love to you and appreciation for always being there keep doing what you do so proud of you blessings

In another post Ginuwine had this to say..

When your friend comes and you show appreciation 20years and it don’t matter what anyone says that’s my shawty @claudiajordan thank you for always having my back and coming to support your boy love you to life


Sole’ speaks about her relationship with her childhood friend, and now we have Ginuwine almost having the same testimony about Claudia Jordan #IJS.  But the real question is?  Is Ginuwine a little mad or nah?  Do you think Claudia Jordan is really his boo?  And the biggest question…Can you have best friends of the opposite sex while your married?

Answer in the poll below the video.

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