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As they say “what had happened was”, a young lady brought to the attention of, Singer/Songwriter Tiny of Xscape, that her (I pray this doesn’t happen) still husband but going through a divorce, T.I. “friend” Bernice Burgos is always clicking likes and commenting on his Instagram.

Tiny responded to the young ladies post by saying “I ain’t losing no sleep over no pass around b*tch! Bless him & her too!”

Bernice Burgoss

Source: Prince Williams / ATL

Well Ms. Burgos felt some type of way about Tiny’s comments so after Bernice finished her work out on LIVE video she felt the need to address Tiny’s comments as well as anyone else that had anything to say. Bernice Burgos says she is nobody’s side chick, their marriage has been over, T.I. shouldn’t have to was for p♥$$# plus more. (see video below)

The question is does an estranged spouse have the right to say anything and/or date? Or should the estranged have to wait until the ink is dry and the judge dismisses the union? Let us know your thoughts in the poll below the video.