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High Angle View Of Coals Burning On Barbecue Grill In Back Yard

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To be the ultimate grill master,  you should know how to clean your grill like a master too! But sometimes, we miss a spot. Here is how you can get your grill looking brand new right after you’ve prepared your feast!

 The tools you’ll need: work gloves, dish soap, foil, paper towels, a grill brush, a bucket, stainless-steel wipes, and a whisk broom.

  1. Minute 1:

    Make sure that all dials are in the off position. While the grill is slightly warm, turn off and disconnect the propane tank.

  2. Minute 2:

    Wearing work gloves, remove the grates and the metal plates under them. Place in a bucket of hot water mixed with dish soap.

  3. Minutes 3 and 4:

    Loosely cover the heating elements with a big piece of foil to protect them. With the grill brush, scrub the underside of the hood. (That residue that looks like peeling paint is actually a harmless buildup of carbon from grease and smoke.)

  4. Minutes 5 through 7:

    Use the grill brush to scrub the inside walls above the elements. (Ash and debris will fall onto the foil.) Wipe the walls with a damp paper towel.

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