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2017 NBA Finals - Game Two

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Fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers have been hurt before. Now, fresh off another loss in the NBA Championship, some Cavaliers fans are preparing for the possibility that hometown hero LeBron James may once again be looking for a new team.

At the end of the season, Cleveland Cavaliers Chairman Dan Gilbert announced that General Manager David Giffin would be leaving the team during the off-season. It didn’t take long for a bearded LeBron James to make his feelings clear.

He took to Twitter to voice his support for Griffin, thanking him for helping the Cavs win last year’s NBA Championship, and then proceeded to express his disappointment at the decision by Gilbert.

“If no one appreciated you, Griff, I did, and hopefully all the people of Cleveland!”

Even those LeBron James holds a lot of power on the team, it seems this decision was not given a pass by him. In fact, James had reportedly been lobbying for Griffin to get a contract extension.

Is LeBron James Leaving the Cavs Again?

This rumored lack of consultation has many concerned for how this will impact Cleveland’s best player, who told NBA writer Howard Beck that he has “concerns” about what the decision portends for the Cleveland Cavaliers going forward.

The main reason so many fans are concerned?

Because of comments made after the loss Cleveland suffered to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals. When asked about his future with the team, James said:

“For me personally, I don’t know. I need to sit down and figure this thing out. And so I don’t know as far as me personally right now. For me personally, I left everything on the floor every game, all five games. So for me personally I have no reason to put my head down. I have no reason to look back at what I could have done or what I shouldn’t have done or what I could have done better for the team.”

These ominous and ambiguous comments inevitably created speculation that LeBron James would be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers, again. Right now the thriving NBA rumor mill is buzzing with reports that LeBron could be eyeing the Los Angeles Lakers as a possible destination.

Of course, as one of the biggest stars in the world, LeBron’s every word and action is parsed by NBA fans. In 2015 Yahoo! Sports even interviewed his personal barber to learn the secrets behind his beard. Perhaps that’s part of the reason why sales of men’s toiletries grew by 4% that year to reach $3.4 billion.

Regardless, the NBA’s biggest bearded star is making many Cavs fans nervous this summer.

Cleveland Cavaliers Fans Ponder a Future Without Lebron

However, even if the man they call “The King” does leave, fans believe he has learned some important lessons from his previous botched exit. The last time LeBron left Cleveland, there was a very large and very negative backlash, including jersey burning by fans. This time it could be different.

“I don’t think people would be burning jerseys,” said Haz Matthews, a DJ for Cleveland’s R&B station 93.1 FM.

Matthews is one of many Cavaliers fans bracing themselves for a future without The King.

“I have to prepare myself for life after LeBron, whenever that comes because it’s coming. Sooner or later, it’s going to come, whether he retires from here or he goes somewhere else.”



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