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Less than 24 hours after the Cleveland 19 News investigative unit reported on elevated levels of arsenic and lead found at the site of an upcoming dirt bike track/complex, Mayor Frank Jackson says the professional dirt bike track and complex will no longer be located at E.73 and Carson.

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Monday afternoon, Cleveland 19 News spoke with Jackson after a community event. Mayor Jackson stated that Marion Motley Park will no longer have a professional dirt bike track and complex.  According to Mayor Jackson, a professional dirt bike track and complex would bring high levels of noise, parking and insurance issues that concerned potential park operators.

Marion Motley Park could possibly have a recreational dirt bike track, where approximately 15 bikes could race at a time. The park could also house a paved area where stunts and tricks could be performed.

Mayor Jackson says if the City does build a professional dirt bike track and complex, it will have to be elsewhere in the city. The Mayor hasn’t mention where else they are eying for a potential new location if they go through with it. Mayor Jackson continues to say nothing is confirmed, which is seemingly contradicting.

Marion Motley Park will still need environmental remediation. Mayor Jackson spoke about the environmental report that was first broadcast by our team Wednesday and said “we knew it was bad” and that “we’ve always known that was a dump site.”  The park will still see remediation regardless of what goes there says Mayor Jackson.



Article Courtesy of WOIO Cleveland 19 News

Picture Courtesy of Marvin Joseph and Getty Images

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