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ABC's 'Good Morning America' - 2017

Source: Heidi Gutman / Getty

The White House fired Omarosa, allegedly. Rewind, Omarosa say’s she wasn’t fired, she quit, she didn’t feel good about what had been going on at the White House and how it was affecting her people as well as her community. Rewind again, the White House reneged on her little swipe card.

Was Omarosa fired or nah??  Who know’s, but this when her “people” came for her.

Omarosa say’s you know what I got a story to tell and I’m going to tell it to the world!!  And that’s when Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts went grass roots on Omarosa and said “Bye Felicia”.

Cant believe it?   Well videos don’t lie, Michael Strahan got the exclusive but Robin Roberts scored to touchdown, “Bye Felicia” was simply classic. Check out the video’s below.