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Cast Of 'My Brother Marvin' Visits FOX 29's 'Good Day'

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Zeola GayeMarvin Gaye’s younger sister, reached out to EUR/Electronic Urban Report‘s Lee Bailey to address the controversial comments that Quincy Jones made in a recent interview in which he said Marlon Brando had sex with the late singer and comedian Richard Pryor.

In his wide-ranging interview for Vulture, the legendary music producer shared stories on everyone from Ivanka Trump to allegations about Brando’s dating habits “back in the day.”

“He was the most charming [expletive] you ever met,” Jones said of the “Godfather” star, who died in 2004. “He’d [expletive] anything. Anything! He’d [expletive] a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye.”

Jennifer Lee, Pryor’s widow, confirmed the story to TMZ.

“It was the ’70s! Drugs were still good, especially quaaludes. If you did enough cocaine, you’d [expletive] a radiator and send it flowers in the morning,” she said.

But when we caught up with Marvin’s sister, she said Quincy’s comments “hurt my heart,” calling it “horrible” and “vindictive.”

Zeola says she was up all night reading comments on social media about Jones’ interview, which she believes “read like there’s something terribly wrong with him mentally.”

“I don’t know how to reach Quincy but I thought he was out of line,” she says. “I was totally taken aback when I first read it. But I said, “I’m not going to make a fuss about it. That’s just him being him, I guess.” I don’t know him. But when I saw it on TMZ, and then I saw it on Wendy Williams show, it hurt because now I know it’s really out there. So I wrote a comment to Quincy on Facebook and I basically said, “How could you speak ill of the dead? They’re not here to defend themselves. And how do you know? Were you there? What gives you the right to say that happened if you weren’t there?…. or, were you?”

Check out her full Facebook comment below.

She does raise a good point. How can Quincy speak with such authority about Marvin Gaye’s sexual proclivities, unless he was also a participant in Brando’s gay orgy parties, or “he was there watching,” Zoela says.

Maybe someone will spill the tea about Quincy’s debauchery after he’s six feet under.

In the meantime, Zoela’s advice to Mr. Jones: “If you want to tell a story, tell about what you did in life and who you slept with. Why was it so important to talk about my brother and who he slept with?”

Adding, “Say he did do it, so what! Did that interfere with the love that he had for his fans, his family, the music that he left us? What was the reason to dog out a person who is not here to defend themself? And since he couldn’t defend himself, I’m doing it for him.”

Gaye told biographer David Ritz in 1982: “Sexually, men don’t interest me. But seeing myself as a woman is something that intrigues me.” – from the book “Divided Soul: The Life of Marvin Gaye.”

When it comes to Gaye’s sexuality, Zoela says folks “can believe what you want to believe,” but it’s not about what you believe. It’s about how I feel as his sister, as a family member.”

To Quincy, she asks: “Why wait til now to do this? Are you trying purposely to destroy his legacy?”

Her brother’s legacy, she adds, is “very important to me and my immediate family. I’m not going to let you destroy his legacy with this garbage. I’m going to ask God to deal with you and to heal your wicked heart.”

Back in Gaye’s heyday, homosexuality “wasn’t something that was very popular,” and if he did get down like that, so be it. But who made Jones “the general of all this to say who did what?”  Zeola wonders. “You can’t tell me who he f*cked unless you was there. Are you mad because he didn’t f*ck you?”

Well… are you, Mr. Jones? Inquiring minds would like to know.



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