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Source: John Lamparski / Getty

Michael B. Jordan is the human equivalent of the flame emoji in Black Panther, so it’s only natural that his next project involves fire.

HBO released the latest teaser for Fahrenheit 451, a TV movie based on Ray Bradbury’s dystopian future-set book of the same name. It stars Jordan as Guy Montag, an increasingly skeptical “fireman” who burns books (Fahrenheit 451 is “the temperature at which book paper catches fire, and burns”), and Michael Shannon as his antagonistic boss, Captain Beatty. (Michael Shannon as a bad guy? I don’t believe it.) The rest of the cast is rounded out by Star Trek Beyond‘s Sofia Boutella, famous “vlogger” Lilly Singh, 2001: A Space Odyssey‘s Keir Dullea, Martin Donovan, and other people not named Michael.

Fahrenheit 451 debuts in May.



Article Courtesy of Uproxx

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Video Courtesy of YouTube, HBO, and Uproxx

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