Denzel Washington has been slaying the silver screen ever since since the 80’s, in the 1984 the Academy Award nominated film a Soldiers Story story about racism in a segregated regiment of the U.S Army commanded by white officers and training in the Jim Crow South, Denzel Washington proved as a young actor that he […]

We are used to 34 year old actor Michael B. Jordan being in the news for box office smash hits he’s played in such as Fruitvale Station, Creed, Just Mercy, and our favorite villain Killmonger, the long lost Prince of Wakanda, from The Black Panther.  We are even now accustomed to his being in the […]


Without a doubt, 2020 was a challenging time for us all. Whether it was a loss of employment, mandated isolation or major health concerns, only a lucky few were able to make it through the year completely unaffected. Hollywood stars were no exception: During an recent interview with Men’s Health, actor Michael B. Jordan reflected on […]

The marathon is officially continuing as 36 year old actress Lauren London is returning to the silver screen. Grammy Award winning rapper, Nipsey Hussle, was tragically struck down March 31, 2019 at the tender age of 33 years old in the community that he was so passionately trying to uplift, leaving behind to mourn the […]

Did you see all the black, blank posts yesterday? Tuesday a silent protest was held on social media platforms. #BlackOutTuesday to show solidarity for the need for justice reform and police accountability for the senseless deaths of people with brown skin at the hands of the ones that are supposed to protect and serve us, after the tragic […]

People complain about the exclusion of people of color in awards shows such as the Oscars and Grammy’s.  But in order to bring about change we must support what we have put together ourselves to honor ourselves in just an illustrious fashion, if not more, then any other awards show we seek inclusion to. And […]

Not only is this fine actor celebrating his 32nd birthday today, but last night he received a lot of love in Santa Barbara.  The box-office movie star and multi award nominee was honored with the Cinema Vanguard Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.  the 34th film festival wraps up today with a full […]

Creed II had a record-breaking opening at the box office for Thanksgiving week. From it’s first day in theaters, Nov. 21st, until now it has grossed a whopping $55 million in ticket sales, Forbes reports. This is the biggest opening for any non-Disney Disney release and a live-action release during Thanksgiving. Creed II, which was directed by […]

”I ain’t from Wakanda” was the response from Michael B. Jordan when an Australian journalist thought it would be a cool idea to trade the crossed-arm Wakanda salute/greeting at him. You can see it go down (below) in a brief clip that’s making it’s rounds on the internet. It starts with Jordan inquiring if the reporter, Maude […]

Michael B. Jordan is continuing to add to his already impressive resume.   You would think that with the massive success of Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan would take some time to chill for a bit and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Well, that’s apparently not his style, as he has just been confirmed to […]

Michael B. Jordan is the human equivalent of the flame emoji in Black Panther, so it’s only natural that his next project involves fire. HBO released the latest teaser for Fahrenheit 451, a TV movie based on Ray Bradbury’s dystopian future-set book of the same name. It stars Jordan as Guy Montag, an increasingly skeptical “fireman” who […]

The actor’s dating life is under scrutiny again.   Black Panther is about to hit theaters on February 16, 2018. The highly anticipated movie stars Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o and Michael B. Jordan. Twitter has been on fire about the film for months but there has allegedly been some side-eyes about Jordan and his dating history. Back in 2015, Jordan, who […]