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2015 BET Awards - Show

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Tamar Braxton has reignited her longstanding feud with R&B darling K. Michelle. Fans thought the dynamic duo settled their beef after they shared the stage for a memorable performance at the 2015 BET Awards. But the truce has proven to be short-lived.

As reported by, last week, Braxton was on the “Steve Harvey Show” where she was asked a question about plastic surgery.

Tamar told Harvey, “I just think that you do have to do your research. But you can’t be thinking you’re gonna go ahead and have plastic surgery on the Groupon. Ain’t no plastic surgery on sale! Like that’s not gonna happen. And if it’s on sale, 9 times out of 10, you’re not supposed to get it from the person that’s having a sale. Don’t do that.”

Tamar didn’t say K. Michelle’s name specifically, but many took it as a shot against the singer. Her answer definitely angered K. Michelle, who recently opened up about the complications from having her butt implants removed.

K. Michelle fired back at Tamar via a series of tweets that she quickly deleted. She took aim at Tamar’s age and her ex-husband’s money.

She tweeted: “I’ve worked for every single dime I have. I have never had a man to take care of me and pay my bills. I’m on the road every weekend even after a massive surgery to take care of the whole family. I can’t expect Milk Duds sitting on the couch to understand real woman shit.”

Adding: “I’m proud of myself, I’ve really worked so hard from the bed on bed rest. Two restaurants, second is now about to open. Found three homes to flip and Renovate. Several business calls, wrote music, searching surrogates, and my relationship is strong is love and strong again.”

Tamar responded by indirectly mentioning the fact that Michelle’s son does not live with her.

To which K. snapped back: “You start something AGAIN then cry like a victim. I wasn’t bothering a soul Bring up my child we got beef Forever! 10 years old then me and keep going. Don’t Act your current wage act your age, Charles Barkley.”

One fan reacted to the drama by saying: “She knows her and k Michelle had previous issues so what she said was shady considering the question was based on k Michelle and her journey to recovering from a botch job. Tamar is a bigger celebrity; she has multiple shows she just had more exposure I didn’t know k Michelle until she and Tamar had beef couple years ago.”

Another commenter said they are both too old for this pettiness: “Too old for this shit; high school is over. They need to let whatever beef they have to go. At this point, they’re taking shots at each other parenting skills and sons.”



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