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A white woman called the police on 9-year-old boy for allegedly groping her while in a neighborhood store in Brooklyn, NY. After making a scene in the front of the child and his parents and other outraged locals, the surveillance clearly displayed that the young man didn’t touch her at all.

In the video, as the woman, identified as Teresa Klein, was standing at the cashier counter at the Sahara Deli in Flatbush, the young man came into the store and accidentally brushed against her with his bookbag as he walked in with his younger sibling. That set Klein off and she called the police in an irate state, telling the police that the child “grabbed her a–.”

“I just was sexually assaulted by a child,” she told the cops over the phone.

As Klein called the police, the young man cried to his mother while being comforted by the crowd of residents standing and watching in disbelief. One of the people in the background dubbed the woman “Cornerstore Caroline.”

As she was shouted at by the crowd of onlookers, Klein shouted “White lady calls the cops on black lady, I get it,” back at the crowd.

The cops ending up arriving about 17 minutes later. Of course, no reports were filed. According to Pix11 reporter Andrew Ramos, the owner of Sahara Deli stated that Klein has a history of being “unwell.”

The video of the incident has gone viral, with over three million views.



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