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Mo’Nique is out here once again defending her girl Roseanne Barr in a new interview with the Chicago Tribune.

While talking about her dream of having a new talk show, the comedian called Barr her “sister” and explained why she couldn’t turn her back on the former ABC star. Here’s an excerpt of the conversation:

That’s why, when people turned on my sister Roseanne Barr, I couldn’t do it. Because there were black entertainers who would not come on “The Mo’Nique Show” because it was quote-unquote “too black.” But when I called on my sista, she said (imitating Barr): “Where is it and what time you need me to come?”

And when she showed up, when the cameras weren’t rolling, she said to me: “Listen, you’re the real deal. Don’t let them use you up and take advantage of you, because they will. Don’t you let them do that to you.”

Now, a racist woman ain’t gonna say that to me.

The reporter pushed back, specifically asking about Roseanne’s tweet from June, and Mo’Nique continued to defend the disgraced actress, claiming she was just trying to be funny. “And I know her. And what she thought was funny, as a comedian, that’s what it was,” she said. “Has she ever said, ‘Kill black people’?”

Mo’Nique goes on to allege that Barr is doing work “behind the scenes” for black people. “She was behind the scenes fighting for the black (concert) promoters. Nobody knows that,” she said. “She’s behind the scenes trying to push a documentary about Malcolm X with a brother who’s a Muslim.”

It would be really great if Barr was also in front of the scenes not tweeting racists and xenophobic conspiracy threads, but I digress. This isn’t the first time the Precious star has defended Barr. Back in August, Amanda Seales called out the comedian for doing so.



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