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Deontay Wilder Snaps On Reporter Asking About Black Struggle

Deontay Wilder is preparing to win his bout against white guy Tyson Fury Saturday night at the Staples Center in LA, but today he won Twitter.

If you scroll your Instagram timeline right now you’ll undoubtedly see 50-11 people who have reposted the following clip of Deontay passionately checking the HELL out of some nincompoop reporter for asking him to clarify comments the boxer made about “my people have been fighting for 400 years”.

Sadly and incredibly, this reporter was Black and oblivious…

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I would be lying if I said the shit don’t hurts, to see my culture of people go thru so much bullshit all because of a fucking skin color. I’ve always wondered what did we do so wrong to endure so much hate, heart ache and pain and still do til this day! If you’ve never been on this side of the track how could you understand? It’s impossible but, yet it shouldn’t be mentioned or just pushed under a rug while many are targeted and still being treated wrongly each and every day. It hurts more when you feel helpless and if you’ve never had to go thru shit how in heaven can you relate to those that have? The answer is you can’t so you quickly dismiss it and roll your eyes or say stop talking about it but how when it’s still accruing. One day another change will come. I fight for Change. I fight for Love. I fight for Peace. One day all the above shall be witnessed for what’s understood don’t have to be explained. I am Greatness You are Greatness We are Greatness Love,Love,Love…. learn to Love. #BombZquad #PeoplesChamp✊🏿

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RADIO RAHEEM! LMFAOOOO! We’re definitely ordering this fight! Deontay is gonna beat the brakes of this boy! via Bossip

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