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Did you miss Reality Hour today on The Sam Sylk Show? Well it’s time for you to grab a glass of wine and join us for the “Reality Hour Rewind”

Today’s Reality Hour Question was:

Dear Sam

My parents had me and my brother when they were teenagers. We are 21 and 22 now. My mom and dad still mess around from time to time after these years, but my dad does have other children by other women, I don’t believe we know all of them but my dad says we do. I had been dating this guy for a few months now and I took him over to my aunties his to meet the family. My auntie was kind of cold to him. The next day my other auntie called me up and said that I should probably stop seeing this guy because his mom had claimed years ago that he was my dad’s child, she said that was why my other auntie was acting so stank. My dad was there the day I brought my boyfriend over and acted like nothing was unusual. I asked my mom and dad both about it and they both said it’s not try, however my dad’s sisters are very admit about the fact that my boyfriend could be my brother. They think I should just dump him and get over it, and I shouldn’t tell him about what they said. My parents feel I should just leave it alone. I feel feel confused because how gross would that be if I’m dating my own brother. Can you help please I really don’t know what to do?

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