Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - April 24, 2018

Source: BG023/Bauer-Griffin / Getty

Cardi B and her crew were walking through an Australia airport when an older woman approached Cardi B for a photo. Cardi B, who was covered in a blanket quietly declined. The woman didn’t want to take no for an answer decided to poke the bear and disrespectfully said “No wonder your husband left ya,”

That’s when Cardi B’s publicist, Patientce, lost her Patience and went in on the older woman telling her “Bitch…watch your mouth.”

The Trolls came for Patientce but she didn’t back down and Cardi B had her back 100%.

Sometimes people think they have a right to be rude to celebrities and forget they are people with feelings too. So Patientce stood up to the Trolls, giving them a lesson on people, careers and respect that they will never forget.

Check out what went down below.

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