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The word on the streets today is the living legend singer/songwriter Toni Braxton and her boo Bryan “Birdman” Williams are over.

But not so fast, I think I smell a ceremony rat.

Where’s the evidence? Birdman allegedly posted something on his Instagram that said “It’s Over” then a little later the post and every other post he has ever made are gone. Then Toni Braxton deleted all of her posts except for one of wearing a red gown that said:

Starting a new chapter isn’t always an easy choice…

but ALWAYS choose to be chosen.

Cheers to a new year 🥂

Then allegedly they unfollowed each other.

Now to the messy tea sipping drinkers that love to have their tea in the shade, that might sound like Birdman was tired of waiting on Toni to set a date, he wanted to be married to her by the end of the year, now it’s 2019, so the couple called it quits.

However to the folks that like to like their tea with a little lemon and sugar in the sun we seem to think that the couple had a private wedding. Why? First of all they deleted their Instagrams at the same time. Togetherness. Toni Braxton wanted a Great Gatsby time themed wedding while her fiancé Bryan wanted her in a red dress. Ironically that’s the only picture left up on social media. Then there’s the message in her post, Starting a new chapter isn’t always an easy choice…{Translation going from single to married is always an easy choice} but ALWAYS choose to be chosen…{But always choose to be with the love that chooses you}. Cheers to a new year 🥂 {I have never heard of folks calling off a marriage and ending it with a PUBLIC toast}

Go back to last season of Braxton Family Values it’s all there.

Sorry folks I’m going against what all the Blogs are reporting on this subject. I think Toni Braxton and Birdman just got married and deleted their old posts to start a new, together.

I could be wrong but what’s going on with Toni Braxton and Birdman will all reveal in time.

And don’t forget who told you first.

Check out Toni Braxton’s lone post below then leave us your comments on what you think.

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