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Everyday in the 1 o’clock hour Sam Sylk helps a loyal listener live on the radio and on Facebook Live with that secret dilemma that the person might not want their family/friends to know they are dealing with.

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Sam Sylk being the generous Radio Host that he is on 93.1 WZAK, gives the listeners a straight up with no chaser solution to the problem.

Kind of like this listener that found after some time that she was confused about her man, “I Don’t Know If My Man Is My Man”

Check out how the story goes and what kind of advice Sam Sylk and the crew gave her to fix it.


Dear Sam

My boyfriend and I are great together until I start bringing up marriage plans. Then all the sudden an argument breaks out. We have been together for a year I have never been married but he has been married before. The last argument we had I explained that I wanted more at this point in my life. He stated that we never discussed being exclusive or titles, but I thought we have been exclusive all this time. I’m beginning to feel like he has commitment issues. During the entire conversation, he only gave me one to two-word answers and acted like I was wrong and just wanted to argue. I love this man, but I’m really tired because I feel like there isn’t any change in sight. I want to be married and have children but he acts like he doesn’t at times. He has a child by a prior relationship before his ex-wife. I’m beginning to feel that he doesn’t want me, but he doesn’t want me with anyone else either and he is extremely jealous. What can I do?

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