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What would you do if your spouse was over bearing to the point that she has your finances all messed up and disrespects your parents by talking about them on Facebook!?

Sam Sylk had some Reality Hour advice that might make this young brotha that wrote into the Sam Sylk Show wanna pick his ball up and go home…literally.

Dear Sam Sylk

My wife is overbearing and she is getting worse the older she gets. She has always been a “It’s my way or the highway” type of person but in the same breath she is always wrong about doing things her way. She makes poor financial decisions for our household, like to her co-workers she likes to appear like we “got it like that” but we don’t. She will spend our bill money trying to impress others and/or giving expensive for no reason gifts to her family. We are always financially struggling because of her double life behavior. My family has gotten to where they don’t want to help us because of her poor decision making, then she gets mad at them. For example we borrowed money from my parents, then the very next day they see her out at lunch at an expensive restaurant with her cousins and according to my dad my wife picked up the bill. My mother was furious. When I tried to have a conversation with my wife about her ways and what my parents had seen she blew up, then went on Facebook making nasty comments about them. My aunt seen the comments and I tried to talk to her about it but once again she went from 0 to 500 and made even more comments on FB. My parents didn’t respond but according to my aunt they are not happy at all. My family is not perfect but we have always been close. With her family that’s normal behavior and no big deal. They are fine fighting with each other all the time and being vindictive. My wife thinks that it’s okay venting her frustrations out on Facebook but my parents believe she has gone way too far. They say her actions are unappreciative and disrespectful and since she wants to be that way from here on out we can figure it out. I’m fine with the figuring it out part but I do agree with them that her actions on FB are disrespectful. I love my wife but I need for her to get her act together. What should I do?