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What would you do if your boyfriends wife came up pregnant?  Sounds crazy, right? Well a listener has that problem and she reached to The Sam Sylk Show’s Reality Hour to get some guidance from Sam Sylk and the crew and the advice she received might just shock her right back into reality.

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Dear Sam

I have been dating my boyfriend for seven and a half months now. He’s still married, but he has been legally separated from his wife for just over a year now. I’ve had a guard up from previous bad relationships but recently have let it down. Last week I came across a post on Facebook announcing that he and his wife are having a baby. She has been pregnant the entire time I’ve known him and I had no idea. He never once told me. I brought it up to him and he said he was so sorry. He was too afraid to tell me because he loves me and was scared I’d leave. He says that he is happy about the baby but he doesn’t know what to do about his wife. He feels like he would be wrong to leave her because of the baby but he feels like it would be wrong to stay because of the baby too. He says he is so confused. I’m not mad about his having this baby with his wife. I’m madder that he chose to keep it from me. This was a huge shock to me. How should I handle this situation because I am confused myself?