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Is it possible for you as a parent to be loving, caring, supportive and protective of your child after they become an adult, married with children living in your home and then you them out?

A mother is having this problem so she reached out to Sam Sylk radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK during his daily 1 pm Reality Hour segment, where Sam gives you nothing but REALITY ANSWERS.

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Dear Sam

I am renting a home to my daughter and her husband. The rent they pay is pretty minimal compared to homes in this day and age. They both have good steady paying jobs but for whatever reason when it comes to the rent i’m last on the totem pole to get the rent money. They always have an excuse about why it’s late but now I haven’t received the rent since October 1st. November didn’t get paid because of Black Friday, December because of Christmas, I can’t even remember January’s excuse but now they want to add a little to February’s and so on until they caught up on the back rent. The house is paid for and I do work but I just feel like they should pay me what we agreed upon. They didn’t have them sign a lease. It hurts my heart that I feel like I want them to get out especially since they just had a baby. But what can I do to let them know that paying me the rent is important even though I’m family?

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