Bow Wow Police Booking Photo

Source: Handout / Getty

Bow Wow, his girlfriend Leslie Holden and his mug shot have been all over the news/social media for a physical fight that they had last weekend. Just looking at the mug shots of the “Growing Up Hip Hop” stars, it looks like Bow Wow was the one who took the brunt of the fight although it has been reported that Leslie Holden has some broken ribs. Police arrested both parties.

TMZ retrieved the 911 call placed by Leslie Holden and according to the phone call police had already been to the couples home once. In the call that was made from Leslie Holden’s car, it sounds like others were present and allegedly when police came the first time, Holden wasn’t allowed out of her bedroom.

Also the building manager called 911 after another resident heard the yelling and some one say “Slap the f*** out of this bitch.”

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