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After winning 3 Oscars, Sunday night, the film ‘Green Book’ has been receiving backlash.   ‘Green Book’ is about the world renowned African-American musician Don Shirley, that had an Italian bouncer by the name of Anthony “Lip” Vallelonga in 1962 chauffeur him through the Deep South.   The movie touched on a multitude of variations of racism which include sex and race, along with a long lasting friendship that was formed in-spite of the circumstances of the world at that time.

First Spike Lee took a jab at the movie ‘Green Book’ after he lost to it in ‘Best Picture’ category.  Spike Lee said he is always losing to a movie about someone driving someone and that ‘Green Book’ winning was a bad call.

But Spike isn’t the only one that isn’t happy about the ‘Green Book’, as it is now being reported that Dr Don Shirley’s family isn’t happy either.  Dr Shirley’s family was happy about Mahershala Ali winning best supporting actor but when ‘Green Book’ was given the nod for best original screen play, the families displeasure came too light.

According to Dr. Don Shirley’s niece Jasmin Shirley:

“I was livid. … There was no recognition of my Uncle Donald or our family,” Jasmin Shirley said. Indeed, director Spike Lee seemed ready to walk out of the Dolby Theatre after the best picture win – “the ref made a bad call” he quipped backstage – and Twitter seemed miffed that Hollywood picked what some described as a white savior film over “Black Panther” and Lee’s “BlacKkKlansman.”

Family members are also claiming that the depiction of Dr. Shirley are incorrect.

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