The film King of New York, Spike Lee, is using his creative quarantine juices to start spreading the news about that effects of COVID-19 on The Big Apple. Spike Lee in cinematic quality/fashion, released a short film via his IG, ‘NEW YORK NEW YORK Is A Love Letter To It’s People’ documenting how COVID-19 changed the face […]

Once upon a time Spike Lee thought Tyler Perry’s Madea was some “coonery and buffoonery” but that was then but here in the now by gone’s have been declared by gone’s and Tyler Perry would not move forward in history without paying homage to a man that played a pivotal part in black film by […]

After winning 3 Oscars, Sunday night, the film ‘Green Book’ has been receiving backlash.   ‘Green Book’ is about the world renowned African-American musician Don Shirley, that had an Italian bouncer by the name of Anthony “Lip” Vallelonga in 1962 chauffeur him through the Deep South.   The movie touched on a multitude of variations of racism which include sex and […]

Congratulations are in order!!  Spike Lee finally did it, he won that elusive Oscar for Best Adaptive Screenplay for is film BlacKkKlansman at last nights 2019 Oscars.   For all his years of hard work finally the 2019 Oscars academy gave credit to where credit was due. Spike Lee gave a memorable speech that showed his […]

Netflix says it briefly reconsidered premiering a new commercial featuring 47 of its black creators and talent during the BET Awards Sunday night, because it came two days after the streaming service fired its public relations chief Jonathan Friedland for using the N-word. The streaming service says its new “Strong Black Lead” commercial – promoting a new […]

The 61-year-old director’s newest film hits theaters on August 10.   Spike Lee is back y’all! His newest film BlacKkKlansman, which is based on a true story about a Black police officer infiltrating the KKK in the 1970s, was recently awarded the Grand Prix–second place award–at the Cannes International Film Festival. The first-place prize–Palme d’Or–went to Japanese director Hirozaku Kore-eda’s Shoplifters. […]

The new Netflix series will premiere on Thanksgiving Day 2017. Will you be watching?   Spike Lee’s 1986 “She’s Gotta Have It,” was ahead of it’s time. Lee’s first feature profiled the sexually liberated Nola Darling, a young Brooklynite who has full agency over her body, but is struggling with the growing pains of womanhood. Last year, […]

Colin Kaepernick is being black balled allegedly by the NFL for taking a knee, now the alleged black ballers are taking a knee and locking arms in solidarity. Hypocritical? Spike Lee says yes and more during a town hall to discuss the issue with NFL players and members of the military, including Philadelphia Eagles safety […]

As we reported earlier, a rally/protest against the NFL over the treatment of Colin Kaepernick, is scheduled for August 23 outside the league headquarters in Manhattan. Not surprisingly, to Fox Sports 1 host Jason Whitlock, the scheduled action appears to him to be a “shakedown” of NFL owners. The sports writer/pundit says progressive ideology is now creeping into the […]

Donald Glover said in a recent interview that fans can continue to use the name of his musical alter ego.   BIG NEWS Donald Glover fans rejoice. Not only has he been working on new music (he previously alluded to the end of Childish Gambino following the release of Awaken, My Love!), but he also says the second […]

Like a growing number of people, Spike Lee is not liking the idea that Colin Kaepernick is still unemployed by the NFL and he’s willing to do something about it. The man behind movies like “Do the Right Thing,” “Jungle Fever” and “Malcolm X” is not standing on the sidelines anymore. He’s taking part in an event called, “United […]

Malcolm Lee signed a first-look production agreement with Universal pictures ahead of his latest box office success.   Malcolm D. Lee, the writer-producer-director behind several successful Black films had an amazing week. “Girls Trip,” which he produced and directed, beat expectations by earning $30.4 million domestically, landing in the number two weekend box office spot, CNN reports. […]