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R Kelly’s ex boo thang from ‘Surviving R. Kelly’, Lisa Van Allen, has dropped some serious tea that wasn’t said on the Lifetime documentary and I hope she has receipts because she may have said a little too much.

According to Lisa Van Allen the reason her and R. Kelly got along so well is because they shared the same abuse issues. Van Allen said that allegedly, Robert Kelly, told her several things that wasn’t discussed on ‘Surviving R. Kelly’, things like his sister would make him put a pencil is her VJ. The reason he and Aaliyah got married was because Aaliyah was pregnant and underage so she couldn’t get an abortion unless they were or else he would have gone to jail. The biggest bomb shell that was dropped by Lisa Van Allen was that R Kelly allegedly told her that he was sleeping with Aaliyah and Aaliyah mother in her Detroit home. When Van Allen was asked was this why Aaliyah’s parents have never spoken out against R. Kelly, her response was “makes sense to me”, “That’s what came out of his mouth”.

Lisa Van Allen is the alleged survivor of R. Kelly that testified that the 13 year old girl in the original sex tape was a minor and Van Allen has also admitted that when she was 17 she had sex with the girl as well. Lisa Van Allen is also the one who said she gave the original tape that circulated everywhere to someone to hold for safe keeping.


Take a look at Lisa Van Allens interview below. [WARNING THE VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT]

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