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Here’s an odd twist, Wade Robson AKA Little One from the HBO documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ who said that now as a grown man alleged that Michael Jackson molested him as a child.  Well according to MJ’s niece, Brandy Jackson, daughter of Jackie Jackson (Michael’s brother, Jackson 5 member) she dated Wade Robson and that her uncle is the one that hooked them up.

We didn’t see that in the documentary!!

Brandi Jackson who is typically quiet and private after watching ‘Leaving Neverland’ was so upset with not only what her ex-boyfriend Wade Robson had to say but also with what his family said, so much so that she decided to sit down publicly and tell her truth.

According to Brandi back in approximately 1991 she and Wade Robson did a L.A. Gear commercial together as well as Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’ video when she felt Robson developed a crush on her, Robson then ask MJ to hook him up.  According to Brandi she and Wade Robson dated for about 9 years.  When asked why would Wade Robson allege something like that, Brandi’s response was when her uncle died so did Wade Robson’s life line, he had trouble finding work and with MJ gone no contacts.  She feels that Michael was like a father to Robson and the documentary tried to spin it like they were lovers.

Also what wasn’t said in the documentary is that there wasn’t a criminal case against Michael Jackson until after there was a civil suit because the family that alleged the molestation never wanted a criminal case, it was always about the money.  And Michael Jackson never paid the family that made the claim, the insurance company did.

Brandi Jackson also took umbrage with Oprah because she felt that the public was going to play judge and jury with uncle based upon Oprah’s mouth and “it made her sick”.  Brandi also say’s she feels all of this is a setup for Robson and Safechuck to sue the estate of Michael Jackson.

Brandi Jackson also alleges that Robson’s mother asked to have custody of MJ’s kids after his passing.  How crazy is that!?

Take a listen to ALL of what Brandi Jackson had to say about ‘Leaving Neverland’, Oprah, Wade Robson and his family HERE.

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