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November 15, 2018 changed the lives of the Kim Porter’s children forever, and although Sean Combs was not her boyfriend, fiance’ or husband, they were each others soulmates bound by the soul ties of their children.

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As the Comb’s family prepare to face their first Mother’s Day without Kim Porter, what better mother’s day card could their be than for Kim’s immediate family to grace the cover of ‘Essence Magazine’ for POWER addition.

On the cover Diddy is posing with he and Kim’s twin daughters D’Lila, Jessie and Chance his 12 year old daughter from a different relationship, a relationship and blended family that Kim Porter grew to embrace.  But now in death, Kim’s importance of being a mother and family has now become Sean Comb’s importance as he coveys in the interview with Essence that he is now family over everything.  Although Kim had 3 children by Sean Combs (Christian, D’Lila, Jessie) she stilled loved all the Combs siblings (Justin and Chance) as well as her eldest son Quincy by Al B. Sure, and in Kim Porters eyes they were all one.  ONE LOVE

Check out their heart warming Essence cover below, plus you can read how becoming a single parent has made Sean Combs a different man in Essence magazine available on newsstands and digital platforms on Friday.

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