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He is trying to help a relative get out of a bad relationship and is being held to secrecy you think he’s cheating and want a divorce.  You finally find out he wasn’t cheating at all but you still want a divorce!?

A lady inboxed Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK, Facebook during his daily 1 pm Reality Hour segment saying that she still feels betrayed by her Mr. Good Deeds husband and wanted to get Sam Sylk’s two cent’s.  Well Sam Sylk gave her 50 cent.  Check it out below.

Dear Sam

For the past six months, my husband has been distant, secretive, and impatient with me while also being in frequent contact with his cousin’s wife. I assumed there was an affair, but it turns out that he was helping her to leave a domestic abuse situation, and she had sworn him to secrecy. They both swear that nothing happened, and I believe them. The problem is that it doesn’t help. For the past two months, in my head, I’ve been emotionally on my way out the door. I’ve talked to lawyers, investigated my options and been unhappy but ready to leave. Now that I’ve discovered I was wrong about my husband, I still feel ready to go. He doesn’t understand, since he was actually doing a really good thing. Which he was, but at the same time he lied to me and let me feel terrible and he knew I thought he was cheating. In addition to being emotionally divorced already, I’m quite angry too. I feel like he was emotionally cheating on me for keeping the secret. Now that I know the truth am I wrong for wanting to bounce? Shouldn’t his loyalty had been to me to at least tell me what was going on?

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Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly, Congresswoman Maxine Waters & More Join Tom Joyner For The One More Time Experience #TJMS25
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Sam Sylk’s All White Affair Memorial Day Weekend 2019
Sam Sylk's All White Affair Memorial Day Weekend 2019
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