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Last week on The Have’s and The Have Not’s it appeared that David Harrington had accelerated his plan of killing Veronicaafter she informed him that their son Jeffrey was not their son but her’s and David’s co-workers son and Jeffery was not only sexual like his real father but looked just like him. David snapped and played Marco Polo with Veronica in the pool, only Veronica wasn’t given the chance to say Polo. Then David called up Jim Cryer to sing ♫ ding dong the witch is dead ♫, but was she.

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Hell to the nah!!

This week on the The Have’s and The Have Not’s we find out that Veronica was a champion swimmer in college, not to mention she has what appears to be 9 lives. When David left the pool area where Veronica was floating Veronica got out the water in her white dress exhaled like Whitney Houston in Waiting to Exhale and said “his ass tried to kill me!”. How dare David try to kill her? I mean hell didn’t she just burn him like a hot dog on a grill and kill his new boo??

Veronica took her wet self upstairs to put on her black combat cat suit got her jail house rapist thugs out of the joint and now they are going to war.

♫See, you can hit em, beat em, call em a creep

But remember, homeboy, you’ve got to sleep

So chill, be nice or pay the price

Of bein burned, walk easy like Doctor Ice♫ – ‘Burning Bed’ by UTFO

No wonder she’s crazy she was supposed to be dead along time ago!!

BTW it looks like next weeks season finale of The Have’s and The Have Not’s is going to be a blood bath especially since Wyatt is high dope feind mode.

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