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You are in engaged but you find out that your fiancé’ is cheating on you with a woman that is married and that married couple because of their poor finances are living with their parents.  You are smokin mad, but who do you tell the parents, the husband or Sam Sylk?

A woman left a long message along with emoji’s an all in Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK, in-box for his Reality Hour segment.   Check out what kind of emoji Sam Sylk had for her below.

Dear Sam,

Me and my fiance been together almost 3yrs and our wedding was scheduled for October. But as of Monday I went through his phone ( no apologies )and noticed a female I see on his page all the time in his inbox. The message thread was pretty much sexting, 🍆 pics and pretending to not be sure if it’s ok. Saying our sex life lost its spark since I had the baby in January. But the grass is only green where you water it, he play on his phone entirely too much for me to come on to him. So honestly it started lacking and it was whatever to me. I’m devastated and pissed, i have to call off this wedding, waste money, we have 1 kid together and 2 boy’s each separately. The biggest slap in the face is this tramp is already married & living with her mother in law because her husband won’t pay rent smh meanwhile she flirting with my fiance. She have a small baby as well 7mon old. My fiance have to get out by the end of the week is or next month is on my mind. And I really I want her husband to know what I seen. It’s the disrespect I’m fed up with people these days …. Opinions? Also this is not his first offense cheating or disrespecting our relationship. It’s his 3rd time and always around this time of year he get put out…..